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Colombia produces an high quality coffee with the moist method, in fact Colombia is on the top of the world production of washed coffes. It is among the favorites of our production, and it is different from the the others because of its freshness, its aromatic acidity and its rich full-body. it has low caffeine level in fact it is perfect for filtered coffee lovers.

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PRODUCT: Roasted coffee beans

WEIGHT: 250 g

FORMAT: Espresso, Moka, Filter

PACKAGING: Aroma protection packaging, with one-way valve. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.


ROASTING: medium

Roasting level

ORIGIN: Colombia

DISTRICT: Armenia, Medellin

ALTITUDE:1300 - 2000 m

VARIETY: Mundo Novo, Catuaì, Tipica

PROCESS: washed

Forza del caffè

Caffè Pascucci Colombia blend

NOTES: This coffee has a remarkable positive and aromatic acidity, tending to flowers and to fresh fruit. It is sweet and has positive chocolate aftertaste.

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